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Claudia and Janine's relationship was based on the relationship that Ann had with her own sister, Jane, growing up, with Ann in Janine's role and Jane in Claudia's role.


Kristy is her favourite Baby Sitters Club member. All the members of The Baby Sitters Club are fictional characters. Many of the ideas for her books come from personal experiences, while some are based on childhood memories and feelings. Some are about contemporary problems or events. In , Ann created the Ann M. Sign In Don't have an account? I probably wrote , but I had a hand in all of them.

These books were such a key part of a lot of now grown-up women's reading lives. Do people continue to talk to you about them? What sorts of things do you hear? There are people who remember reading the whole series. For some readers who were into them in the very beginning, a lot of stores had sign-up lists; the store would call as soon as the book came in.

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There are people out there trying to collect every book in the series, asking people if they can find them. But my favorite thing to hear about are people who grew up reading them, and have gone on to go into writing, become librarians, teachers, authors, editors. I just love hearing about that. There's a nice parallel to that, because The Baby-Sitters Club is such a great empowerment story for girls…. It is. It's about the idea of running a business and being independent.

The girls always knew adults were around to help, but they tried to do as much as they could. Publishing has changed a lot, too, since the '80s. Now there are far fewer serialized paperback books that come out multiple times a year, like The Baby-Sitters Club and Goosebumps. What do you think about that? I'm happy with whatever interests kids in reading and sets them on path of being an avid and eclectic reader, whether it's reading a page fantasy or a Goosebumps book.

I think they still have plenty to choose from; it's just a different choice. Rose is obsessed with homonyms in Rain Reign as the title demonstrates. How obsessed with homonyms are you?

I have to admit to being almost as fascinated with homonyms as Rose is. I have a list going. It's not as well organized as hers, I'm constantly getting sidetracked.

A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin Book Reviews

But I listen to books on tape, and when I hear a word that provides a new pair—like sword and soared! What I wasn't expecting as the story began to unfold were that some of the other things became almost as important as the homonyms. I wanted her to be obsessed with rules, but her interest in prime numbers and numbering names and seeing if they came out to a prime number, I hadn't planned that at all. That just happened; it was a part of her character that just seemed to be there. You mentioned books on tape. What are you listening to?

And what are you reading? Mostly I'm listening to mysteries.

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I love mysteries. I tend to get hooked on series, but I read different things. I read a lot of nonfiction, autobiographies, and new fiction. I usually have two or three books going at the same time, one for the car, one for working. In print right now I'm re-reading Lassie , because I'm supposed to be writing the intro to a new edition of Lassie.

A Dog's Life - Ann M. Martin - Book Preview - Leslie

I was a huge fan of Lassie when I was young. When do you work? I write only in the morning now; this is my semi-retirement.

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I read off and on during the day, at breakfast, at lunch, in bed at night. Lassie , which I think of more as work, I was reading it in bed last night. Off and on I'm either listening or reading.

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I'm working on something new that I'm having a lot of fun with but can't talk about, and Laura Godwin and I are thinking about what the fifth Doll People book will be. Do you have a dog now? I sort of have a part-time dog now. My neighbors have a little rescue poodle, Piper. Whenever they go away, I get Piper. I would love to have another dog, but it hasn't felt right yet. How do you write a dog? I spent a lot of every day observing Sadie; it was fascinating for me to watch her.

We'll never really know what goes on in a dog's head, but I think having Sadie with me helped me to write more realistically about dogs. You have such a variety of work in your repertoire—collaborations, solo writing, series and one-off books. Do you have a preference, or is it more like all of these things make the whole?

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