Native Vengeance: A Novella

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The letter tells Kate to stay there, to live with Abe, but Kate sets out again, wondering why the Rose Riders killed her father rather than just beat him till he turned over the journal. They wanted the gold, and she thinks on what Pa said about gold making monsters of men and women.

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Debbie's comments: As I read, I wonder about other works of historical fiction I know the answer, I suppose. Most children's books about Thanksgiving do that, too. Will I read, later in this story, how the miners are monsters, too, killing and raping Native women? Or is that fact not going to be part of this story?

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Chapter 5 As she rides, someone fires she thinks at her. Turns out to be Jesse and Will who she met at Abe's house , who fired a bullet into the sky to get her attention. They want her to ride with them to Tucson to get some cattle but she doesn't want to do that. She tells them she's after the Rose Riders.

They ride on together anyway. Chapter 6 The three make camp for the night and take turns keeping watch for Apaches and the Rose Riders, just in case. She thinks back on what her dad taught her, including how to read. He made her read aloud from a book of poems. She thinks "Poetry don't make yer crops grow better or keep Apache from raiding yer land" p. They come across a burning carriage and remains of a family. The Rose Riders are responsible. They've left their mark, which is the image of a rose, carved into the forehead of the driver.

It was also on Kate's dad's forehead. Debbie's comments: Bad guys to watch out for are the Rose Riders who mutilate people, and, the Apaches.

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Chapter 7 The three camp again for the night, in the mountains where there's some pools, of water to bathe in. Kate declines the bath the boys don't know she's a girl ; the two boys get in the water. Kate goes for a walk, finds some "tribal markings" and heads back to camp, preferring awkwardness with the boys over "Apache arrowheads. Like we'd given up and it were time for revenge. Whatever the reason, the Apache rode through town and destroyed everything they could that day.

Their mother was dragged off, and he watched her pull her derringer out and shoot herself in the mouth. Watched 'em drag women off. That is all for today. Hitting the "update" button. When they start out again, they see two of the Rose Riders. Chapter 9 The two groups exchange fire. Kate gets shot in the shoulder, falls, and hits her head hard as she falls.

When the shooting stops, the boys take off her shirt to check her wound. They realize Nate is not a guy. They take her to Phoenix where a whore named Evelyn doctors her. When she wakes, she tells him what she's doing seeking vengeance. Kate will put on one of Evelyn's dresses and make a fuss about wanting to play poker women aren't supposed to do that.

One of the Riders steps up and escorts her to a table. On the way to it, Kate trips. He catches her and the kicks what she tripped up on. It was "an Apache girl" who is on "all fours scrubbing the floorboards. Around them, men snigger and Kate thinks about the difference in how they are treating her versus how they treat the Apache girl.

The man gets ready to kick the girl again, and Kate puts her own leg out to stop him, saying that she'll scrub better if he isn't kicking her.

She ends up taking the kick on her shin. Debbie's comments: Some people will read that part of the book and think well of Kate. It is a good thing to intervene when someone is being abused, but this is also within the White Savior trope. As Kate continues to the table, she catches the girl's eye. She looks confused and suspicious, and Kate isn't sure why she intervened. She thinks "I wouldn't expect an ounce of kindness from an Apache if I was to fall into their hands and I reckon she don't expect much from us, neither.

What is her role in this story?

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  • Bowman is clearly setting out the conflict between "us" and "them. Not sure what to think about that Apaches did, in fact, fight Mexicans, too, which means it makes sense for Kate to collapse her Mexican and American identities as an "us" who sees Apaches as "them. As they play, the Apache girl refills drinks and empties ashtrays. Whenever she walks by the man who kicked her, he spits at her back.

    Debbie's comments: Not sure this makes sense. One minute she's scrubbing floors, and the next she's serving drinks? Setting that aside, was this spitting part necessary? We already know that guy detests her. He kicked her and called her an injun, remember? Kate sees that Waylan has her dad's pistol. A bit later, Waylan puts the journal on the table as part of his bet. A fight breaks out, and a fire.

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    Kate has the journal. As she heads for the door she hears "Help" and finds the Apache girl, who doesn't look like an Apache anymore. Now she's just a scared girl. Kate shouts at her to run towards her, through a burning doorframe but the girl won't. Kate leaves. Outside she thinks of the people who burned in the carriage chapter 7. Finding a blanket and a water barrel, she pushes the barrel to the saloon and runs inside where she wraps the blanket around herself and the girl and brings her out. Debbie's comments: Saves her again Kate is ok but the Apache girl's palms are blistered.

    She looks at Kate with astonishment. Kate leaves her to find Jesse and Will. Together again at Evelyn's, they learn that the Rose Riders are on their way up to get them. They climb out a window, just in time.

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    Chapter 13 Kate and the boys ride out of town, with the Rose Riders chasing them. They find an abandoned house to hide in. Waylan tracks them to it, but the townspeople are tracking him. Waylan takes off. The townspeople leave. Returning to Earth revisits the characters and setting of True North 30 years later. Ultimately, the extended family helps Donald end his life at the place of his choosing, and then draw on the powers of love and commitment to reconcile loss and heal wounds borne for generations. Along the way, he falls into an affair with a former student, reconnects with his big-shot son in San Francisco, confers on questions of life and lust with an old doctor friend, and undertakes a project to rename all the states and their state birds.

    Inspired by his study of Pablo Neruda , Harrison completed what he called his first acceptable poems in the early 's. He published 17 collections of poetry the number includes chapbooks, limited editions, and coauthored works. Harrison was aware that his poetry did not have mass appeal. He wrote that to draw attention to poetry "you would have to immolate a volunteer poet in an BMW". Harrison began his study of poetry as a teenager and, as a young man, thought of himself as "a poet and nothing else".

    Harrison studied a multitude of English speaking poets including W. Harrison's practice of Zen Buddhism was important to his poetry, in part because it kept his "head from flying off".