Trust, Comfort, Confidence - Three words that will change the way you sell!

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Often, having this peace of mind will help turn potential customers into actual paying customers.

36 B2B cold calling tips for sales success in | Sales & Startup Tips from Close

Just make sure that you stick to your word and never disclose any information that you shouldn't. It's also useful to note that Google looks to see whether sites have privacy policies as part of their manual quality evaluations, so this should be a minimum step for anyone doing business or publishing online. One common mistake that can lose potential customers is broken links, which convey a sense of unprofessionalism and failure to pay attention to detail. It can also lead people to wonder whether you're even still in business.

Accordingly, many would-be customers end up taking their business elsewhere. That's why it pays to routinely audit your site to ensure that all links are working as they should and fix any that are broken. There are plugins and other programs that can check for these issues on a weekly basis and fix the problem or send you a report. In particular, I recommend Screaming Frog. Getting a certified seal from Trust Guard or the Better Business Bureau is another way to quickly increase your credibility.

Both companies have the same purpose, but slightly different features.

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Although they require a financial investment and that you meet certain guidelines for approval, increased conversions will often cover the cost of these efforts and expenses. After installing an icon from one of these companies, customers will have extra reason to believe that your business is legitimate and reputable. If your business isn't active on any social media networks or has a small number of followers, this tactic won't apply. However, if you do have a significant following, showcasing your social media stats on your website can be immensely helpful. These will typically be placed either at the top of a website underneath the header or on the top of the right sidebar, so visitors can immediately see them after landing on your site.

Since many people assess the credibility of a business based on its popularity on social media networks, this can be a huge advantage for building trust. Be sure to include easy links to your key social media accounts, and share buttons that make it simple for visitors to share your content.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

This is also another way to help build credibility and momentum on social networks. Sometimes, all a potential customer needs to get over trust concerns is a little reassurance from previous customers.

Sales Training: 3 Keys to Build Customer Loyalty - Brian Tracy

Testimonials from satisfied customers can go a long way toward eliminating any last-minute skepticism. In order for this to work, you'll need to acquire three or more testimonials from real customers. Include a picture of each person, along with some background information, such as their name and location to help increase their credibility.

Testimonials are commonly positioned throughout the sales content of a landing page, on the sidebar, or in a unique page solely dedicated to them. By tangibly proving the value of your products or services and how they have improved the lives of previous customers, you should see increased conversion rates. Just in case a customer doesn't like the product or service they receive, it's a good idea to offer them their money back. This is especially true when customers are making sizable purchases.

Knowing that there's no risk involved is a huge influencer that encourages people to go ahead and make a purchase. Typically, a day refund policy is sufficient. Once a customer is ready to make a purchase, there's one final detail that can influence their decision to follow through with it: perceived security of the transaction. Ensuring that the third-party payment vendor you choose is reliable and remains current on the latest security technology is extremely important.

PayPal and Stripe are recognized brands that most customers will feel comfortable with. Use SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing financial information. Adding an icon or brief text at the checkout area stating that all transactions are secure can be helpful, too. A blog that's updated often is a sign that your website is well-managed and cared for; it's an indication of how a prospective buyer or client will be treated by your company. But there's more to it than just frequent updates. If the content is lackluster, that creates a bad impression of your brand.

Your content should be authoritative, trustworthy, and written by an expert in your field. Not only does this increase conversion rates, but it also will net you higher search engine rankings in Google, as I described in my article, "Why an Active Blog is Necessary for a Successful SEO Initiative. Google uses human quality raters to evaluate the quality, trustworthiness, authority, and credibility of websites that appear in its search results. In order to rank high in search results, your website needs to pass muster during these quality reviews.

But what does Google look for? Luckily, Google's quality rater guidelines were recently leaked; the full story can be found here, but here's an infographic that sums up the key points that webmasters and online marketers need to know. Via: AudienceBloom. They recognize that prospects who turn into the best customers may be under cultivation for two or three years.

The marketplace will only become more crowded, mature and competitive. Buyers increasingly buy on value, rather than price alone. Buyers look for advisors and business experts who deliver results that exceed basic expectations. Buying decisions are made at higher levels due to the strategic importance of purchases. Salespeople must customize their approaches. Ask yourself: Did I clearly describe all the benefits of my products or services and what they will do for the client?

15 Customer Service Skills & How to Improve Each One (Step-by-Step)

Did I uncover the key benefit — either perceived or real — that the client wants from my products or services? Did I ask the client to buy — come right out and ask for the order?

Did I try one more time — when I thought the sale was lost? Make connections Here are three keys to making connections and building relationships that lead to closing.

Customer Experience Articles by Jeff Mowatt

Forget the facts. Focus on the connection. They know several companies are offering the same deal. Instead, they talk about what people want to talk about: themselves. They ask questions about their work, the struggles and triumphs. Be a valued consultant. To do that, salespeople want to create question-laden presentations, so they learn where prospects need help. Then they can demonstrate a clear understanding of the problems and the ideal solution to help resolve each one. Focus on problems, not products. True connections are built around a common understanding of and concern for the issues prospects face — and not so much around a product, solution or sale.

Offer advice and invite prospects to call to ask for more about something that has nothing to do with the sale. Maintain connections The road to closing can be long. To stay connected: Tap into social media networking. Follow prospects on their business and professional social media pages.

Contribute to their feeds by sharing relevant, helpful information not pitches. Be relevant. Know a cool survey, interesting article, thought-provoking eBook? The Similarity Principle holds true for sales: People buy from people who they like and are similar to themselves. In prospecting, find common interests and use them to continue to connect. Be present. When the time comes, prospects may suggest that you just send the proposal or agreement.